Fruit trees is a type of investment in which it is very complex to correct a bad decision made during the initial stages of the project. A key issue in this process is the choice of the species and variety.

For the choice of the variety we must take care about two main aspects. One is the chilling-hours and the other is the blooming date.

Fruit trees need to spend a winter rest period in which they accumulate chilling-hours. But this need varies greatly between fruit varieties. If that amount of chilling-hours is not accumulated, blooms can be erratic and scarce, which can lead to low productive yields and the harvest becomes more expensive.

On the other hand, we have blooming, that crucial and complex moment in which the bees have to pollinate the flowers. Knowing the approximate date on which this phase takes place is essential. The flower is a delicate organ that can be easily damaged by low temperatures. Therefore, we must choose a variety whose blooming matches the dates on which there is usually no frost in the area where we want to plant.